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Geschrieben von EaW am 18. Dezember 2020 21:38:51:

Bit of an engine geek video today, but it's cool as fuck, so why not.
I mean, flat 4cylinder, 1000bhp, about twice that in torque, two massive turbos, a supercharger, no valves, no cylinder heads, oh and it's a diesel.
Oh, and it's got 8 pistons. And two crankshafts. Despite being a 4cylinder. Yes, it's an opposed piston engine, ie two pistons per cylinder facing each other.
This is a new Cummins engine designed for military use, and it's pretty badass.
It's 14.3ltr, so 1000bhp doesn't sound a lot for that capacity, but for a super low revving diesel that's intended to work for literally ever at full load, that's a lot- Most OEM 14ltr diesels make under 600bhp. And thanks to only 4cyl and no cylinder heads, it's relatively small too.
It's a 2stroke engine, so no valves, and the inlet and exhaust ports are opened by the pistons literally uncovering the holes on the sides of the cylinder walls- Much like ports on a rotary engine for anyone not used to 2stroke engines.
The turbos are twin Holset HE500 VGT turbos, which are 1000bhp+ capable units if they were fitted to a typical smaller petrol engine- Beasts.
The mix of 2stroke, supercharged, twin turbo, flat 4, and opposed piston, means this thing should sound pretty insane too.
Rather than me explain it all here, watch the video as the last parts are animations that shows exactly how the cranks are geared together and how the inlet and exhaust port setup works.

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[ FMSO.DE - Fahren mit Salatöl (deutsch) ]