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"First of all, I never kwew that Briggs & Stratton made a 2 cycle engine, much less one on a John Deere mower. Question, can someone tell me something about that Briggs engine? Was it "bulletproof", or was it one Briggs never should have come out with? Any advantages competitor 2 strokes of the same time period? Inquiring minds want to know."

"i have more experience with this peice of s$%& engine than i care to admit. it was a utter market failure and rightly so! impossiable to start!!!! avoid it like the plauge! besides parts are impossiable to get as its been out of production since the early 90,s. was made in japan (dont know who actually made this trukey) for briggs. i had 4 of them. 1 hit a tree root-2,3 -i got so fed up with -i trew out while still running. no 4 is still around here some where but hasnt run for many years. i will toss it if i run across it soon."


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